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Thursday, December 15, 2011 Worcester, Massachusetts

Worcester Firefighter Killed In Three Alarm Fire

Shortly after 04:15 on the morning of Thursday December 8th Worcester EMS reported a building fire behind the old Providence Street Station adjacent to the previous fire building on Arlington Street. The Worcester Fire Alarm Office transmitted Box 12-07 Arlington Street at Dorchester Street for the vicinity of 44 Arlington Street, Engine's 12,6,13,2 Ladder's 1 & 3, Car 4, Rescue 1 & Ladder 7 (RIT) responded. Car 4 reported fire showing from Madison Street and confirmed the working fire, moments later engine twelve arrived at 49 Arlington Street a typical Worcester style three decker with heavy fire showing from the B & C sides and reported possible people trapped on floor two. Car four arrived and transmitted a second alarm with Engine's 7,15 Ladder 5 & Car 3 responding. Interior crews were forced to back out of the upper floors due to heavy fire conditions while exterior crews began to protect numerous exposures. Ladder three reported an exterior porch collapse in the rear and all interior fire crews were evacuated from the building and fireground operations went defensive. A One story garage became involved to the rear and due to a live electrical wire down command special called Engine 4 to respond off Providence Street and handle that fire as police began evacuating the surrounding homes in the affected area. A large majority of fire was darkened down with the exterior attack and firefighters from Rescue One were allowed to reenter the building to preform a secondary search for the reported missing occupant. As members began to search the second floor the safety officer broke thru with urgent traffic reported a full collapse of the rear of the building seconds later engine thirteen advised a full wall collapse into the "C" exposure and reported hearing a PASS device sounding. A third alarm was subsequently sounded bringing Engine's 16,3 & Ladder 2 followed shortly thereafter for an additional special call for the Special Operations (Engine 5) & Ladder 4 while on scene firefighters began to search the pile for the two missing men. Firefighter Jon Davies was extricated and transported to UMASS Memorial Hospital where he died of his injuries, Firefighter Brian Carroll was extricated an hour later from the basement and transported to UMASS Memorial Hospital where he was treated for serious but non life threatening injuries.

The incident occurred five days after the twelfth anniversary of the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire that killed six firefighters on December 3, 1999. The last Worcester Firefighter killed from injuries received while on duty was Lieutenant Donald Quinlan who was injured while operating at a New Years Eve fire at 634 Grafton Street, Box 07-14 on December 31, 2007. Lieutenant Quinlan was a 30 Year Veteran of the Department and was assigned to Rescue 1, He also previously served as the Chief of the Barre, Massachusetts Fire Department he succumbed to his injuries on March 22, 2008.

On Thursday, December 15, 2011 thousands of firefighters from all over the United States and several other countries gathered together for Firefighter Davies Funeral which was held at The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church On Mulberry Street. Mutual Aid from Grafton, Shrewsbury, Milford, Marlborough, Ashland and Framingham responded to city calls so all Worcester Firefighter could attend the services. Pipes & Drum Bands from across New England marched the fallen firefighter to his final resting place as the rain began to fall. A large gathering of firefighters gathered at the DCU Center later that afternoon. The man who was reported to be still inside the building that trapped the two firefighters was found safe the day of the wake and was arrested on a previous case not involving the fire. There have been many fires in the Arlington Street area recently On November 24, 2010 a electrical fire was extinguished at a home at 56 Dorchester Street, September 18, 2011 around 4am a fire was reported at 48 Arlington Street, & October 3, 2011 around 4am 51 Arlington Street firefighters extinguished a porch fire. all of which occurred since the 109 Year Old Providence Street Station was closed in late 2008 the fire Department relocated Engine 12 to the newly opened Franklin Street Station & Ladder 5 was moved to the McKeon Road firehouse, UMASS Worcester EMS now occupies the station known locally as "The Rock." Additionally in 2005 a Arlington Street building was destroyed by a early morning multiple alarm fire.
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